Topaz Kingdom

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Wake, soldier, wake, thy war-horse waits
  To bear thee to the battle back;
Thou slumberest at a foemanís gates,ó
  Thy dog would break thy bivouac;
Thy plume is trailing in the dust
And thy red falchion gathering rust.

Thomas Kibble Hervey
The dead Trumpeter


Travel to the west of the City of Emeralds, and the ground begins to parch and crack. 
Trees are barren, and decay seems to reign. 
Birds, hungry and fierce, circle the sky, looking down upon weary travelers in search of food.

Survive the passage through the no-manís land, and you will enter the mountains of the Topaz Kingdom, the home of the Winkie.  Called mercenaries and wanderers by the other people of OZ, the Wan-qu (VAHN-coo), as they prefer to be called, are known throughout OZ as a people fierce with culture, honor, and strength.  This is remarkable and, at the same time, not unexpected for a people who have suffered so much at the hand of the other residents of OZ. 


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