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Okay.  Here we go.  Here you will find all you need to begin quests worthy of the grand Legacy of Oz.

The Rules of the Game.  How to Play.  What to do.

 And the resources for Players and GMs alike.

Here, you will find the rules for Character Creation,  Magic and Combat Systems, and Story Settings. 

We hope you've enjoyed the romp so far......

May your Journeys be Wonderful,
and May Lurline Grant you Safe Passage.......

But not too Safe.



OZ: The Roleplaying Game

Dark Fantasy Gaming in the Worlds of L. Frank Baum

Based on Characters and Concepts by L. Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, and Jack Snow

This work is dedicated to them.  May OZ live forever, and may Lurline’s gift never die.

 ©2004.  All Rights Reserved.  Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank character sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only.

OZ: The Role-Playing Game and all concepts herein are copyrighted by the Authors.

 Any mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.   This book uses fantasy settings and mature themes.  All content is solely for entertainment purposes.  Reader discretion is advised.


Download OZ: The RolePlaying Game

Download the Game in its current incarnation.
Please remember that OZ: The RolePlaying Game is a work in progress.
More will be coming over the coming weeks.

ZIP File in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Part 1 Pages 1-30


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