Playtester Guidelines Pt. 1

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If you clicked on the link to get here, you've probably gamed a time or two thousand before.  You've probably gamed in several different settings, and have played with several groups of players, probably in multiple systems.

 You've probably seen things in systems that you liked, things you hated, things you thought could have been better, and things that were damn near perfect when you read about them.  Then again, maybe that thing that was damn near perfect on paper was a total flop when put into practice, so you chucked it out the window and created your own rules.

 Or maybe you've never gamed before and are just wondering what the hell is this play testing thing?

 Play testers are an important part of the development of any role-playing game, especially one where a new game system has been developed.  We, as authors, come up with a lot of stuff: setting, theme, system, etc....

 But, we occasionally get too close to our work to see where things may be flawed for one reason or another.  Some systems may be skewed to make characters far too powerful too quickly, some may hold them back.  Maybe the system for poison kills characters off too quickly, or maybe they are gaining too much experience too quickly and are becoming bored with the game or the whole experience because they're able to kill every antagonist during the first round of combat.  Or perhaps the way something is written just simply doesn't make any sense at all.

 If you've gotten this far, then you've probably gone through the rest of the site, and seen that it's far from completed.  That's where play testers come in.   You help point out our weaknesses, or rather, the weaknesses of the system, to provide a system that is complete and balanced.  You become the editors, and help take part in the creation of something that people will want to play.  You get to become that person who helps create that idea that is damn near perfect on paper and that actually works  when put into practice.

 If this sounds like something you're interested in, please continue reading.