Playtester Guidelines Pt. 2

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    So you want to help play test OZ: The RolePlaying Game?

Great.  We're so glad to have you along on our journey.

Okay, here's where the technical stuff about what a play tester for OZ: The RolePlaying Game will be requested to do.

 Each play tester will be requested to read at least one of the OZ books.  Part of the goal of OZ is to create something that uses the characters and places in described in the books, and the easiest way to do that is to read the books.  You don't have to buy them; they're in public domain and you can download them from the Oz Books  page, or can read them directly online.  They're quick reads; after all, they were written for kids.  The movie with Judy Garland is a classic, but there are a lot of inconsistencies with Baum's actual stories.  A better movie would be Disney's Return to OZ from the mid-1980s, it conveys a little more of what we're trying to achieve.

 Each play tester will be requested to play test several items.  These may be combat related, or may be related to other systems of the game such as social rules, or interactions between players, or even character creation.

 Each play tester will be requested to play in a single-person setting, as well as within a group of friends, both as GameMaster and Player.  Note:  If your roleplaying group helps you and also evaluates the game (not necessarily your GameMastering or Playing technique), and would also like to be listed as a play tester, we'll be happy to include their name on the site as well

 Each play tester will be requested to submit their comments after their session.  There will be a small web-form (you'll get the link to fill it out when you become a play tester), asking you to describe your session, what worked, what didn't and to provide constructive criticism to make the experience better.

 Please note, there is no pay involved with this at this time.  Your name will be listed on the website and in the final printed work, but at this time, we cannot afford to monetarily compensate anyone.

 There are no age limits to becoming a play tester.  If you're interested, we don't care if you're 12 or 112.

 To become a play tester, on the Contact Us page, please check "Become a Play tester" on the form and submit your information.   We will respond within 48 hours to your request, and send you the link to the play tester's response form, as well as the items that we are currently tweaking.  You will also receive a .PDF file containing the current version of the settings and rules.  NOTE:  We will be starting to accept play testers on November 1, 2004 and will be play testing until we think things are good enough to publish.  At that point, we will be closing this part of the site.  Until then, thanks again, and happy gaming!

 If you are still interested, please continue.