City of Emeralds

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Come to the bridal chamber, Death!
  Come to the motherís, when she feels
For the first time her first-bornís breath!
  Come when the blessed seals
That close the pestilence are broke,
And crowded cities wail its stroke!
Come in consumptionís ghastly

The earthquake shock, the ocean storm!
Come when the heart beats high and warm,
  With banquet song, and dance, and wine!
And thou art terrible!óthe tear,
The groan, the knell, the pall, the bier,
And all we know or dream or fear
  Of agony are thine.

Fitz-Greene Halleck
Marco Bozzaris

Wecome to the center of the universe. 

All things can be found within the city built by Oscar Zoroaster, every manner of person, item, or belief.  Home to Ozma, the Empress of Oz, and her family, The City of Emeralds is the center of Oz, and is the marketplace for all things bought, sold, traded, borrowed, stolen or conjured.  Once a great shining city, the sheen is no longer a sheen of love and compassion, rather, it has been replaced by the gleam of the eye of a serpent.

All is not well within Oz.  When the center cannot hold, everything falls apart.

And the center has spun out of control.

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