Ruby Kingdom

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No state sorrier than that of the man
who keeps up a continual round,
and pries into “the secrets of the nether world,”
as saith the poet,
and is curious in conjecture of what is in his neighbour’s heart.

Marcus Aurelius
Meditations. ii. 13.

The people of the Southern Ruby Kingdom are perhaps the most secretive in Oz.  Their land is a myriad of textures and seasons and people.  Indeed, there is little about the southern land that is consistent.  Little, but it's inhabitants, the Quads.

The Quads are known for their abilities as assassins and spies.  Their talents are renowned.  Their honor impeccable.  And their tongues are sealed to the world around them.  The Quad can only speak in a whisper, or in poetry, or in riddles to the world around them.  Their voices are their greatest ally and the bane of their allies.  For just as great as their secrets, gathered from the world around them and the spirits of the victims, their vengeance is not to be toyed with.

For many, the last word they hear is the subtle laughter of a Quadling.

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