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In 1900, L. Frank Baum began to submit writings to his publisher, writings that contained stories of the fictional Land of OZ and its inhabitants.  Through fifteen OZ novels, eleven OZ-related novels, and numerous OZ stories, articles, and fictions, the Land of OZ has enchanted millions of children around the world for over a century.

Baum dubbed himself “The Royal Historian of OZ”, and chronicled the adventures of Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion, Ozma, Billina, Scraps, the Patchwork Girl, and hundreds of others.  For many people, these characters have been parts of not only their childhood, but the childhood of their children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents.

Through the introductions of the early books, he advises that he was writing for the children, calling the works a modern fairy tale, full of wonder and enchantment.  Each book filled out the land more fully, giving more details about people, places and things, both with-in and with-out OZ.

When Baum penned his seventh OZ novel, The Patchwork Girl of OZ, he touched upon something interesting:  he advised his readers that he was in communication with THE Dorothy, now Princess Dorothy, of OZ, and was simply telling the stories of the actual inhabitants of that wonderful land.

That provokes and interesting thought:  when one merely writes what is being dictated, how can it be known whether what is being told is truth, embellishment, or bald-faced lie.

What if the OZ tales were simply that, just glossed-over versions of the actual occurrences in OZ.  What if OZ is a real, attainable place?  What if Dorothy was lying for years?  What if OZ were not a place of adventure and happiness, but a place of darkness and terror?


Welcome to Oz


OZ: The Role-Playing Game presents an alternate view of the classic fairy-tale world, a view in which Dorothy was not merely a little girl, blown into a realm of enchantment by a stray Kansas tornado, where Ozma is not a benevolent ruler, and where hope and kindness are a rarity instead of the norm.  This OZ is not a happy place.


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OZ: The RolePlaying Game is a product of Rainbow Ripple Press


Before proceeding any farther, take note:  OZ is a GAME.  Although you portray someone, saying what they say, and describing what they do, you are NOT that person.  This is a fantasy.  If you have any trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, please leave now and seek professional help.  To all others, enjoy.


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